The LeBron haters are finally back

It’s been a couple of weeks since they’ve been heard. Since the playoffs last year the, for a lack of a better word, LeBron haters have been going on about how he can’t close out a game. While it’s brought up some pretty great memes, it gets a little old.

These LeBron haters have been silent. LeBron has been great in the playoffs and with the Heat up 3-0 there was nothing for them to say. Of course, that’s up until today.

Right on cue after the Knicks pulled out a close win over the Heat, Twitter was full of people saying how LeBron couldn’t finish. Of course, they chose to ignore the fact that he pretty much closed out Games 2 and 3 by himself and hit a game tying three in the final minute and a half of Game 4. I wouldn’t expect them to know that though, because a good majority of the people that hate on LeBron and say he can’t finish just point to the box score when they lose and fail to look at it when they win.

It was only a matter of time for these people to come back, but I have to say that I’m not happy about it. Much like they did last year, ESPN will over analyze the Heat losing. I’ve had Sportscenter on in the background for 10 minutes and already heard them ask “Who is the closer for the Heat?”.

The truth is, we won’t leave LeBron alone until he wins. And even then they’ll find some reason to hate him.


One Response to The LeBron haters are finally back

  1. Sean Breslin says:

    Well, yeah. Even if the Heat win it all this season, people will question the title because of the “Dream Team” aspect.

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