Album Review: Strange Clouds by B.o.B

Last year, B.o.B burst onto the music scene through radio hits “Airplanes” and “Nothing On You” with Bruno Mars. While those two were his most popular hits, his debut album “The Adventures of Bobby Ray” was an overall success.

After that successful album and an underrated “No Genre” mixtape, expectations for B.o.B’s next album were high. My excitment grew again when I saw the guest appearances that B.o.B would have on the album. The album, unfortunately, was a bit of a disappointment for me though.

I really do like B.o.B as an artist. He brings a different sound and diversity on his album. One look at the features on the album can tell you that much. My problem is that I just don’t really like a lot of these songs.

The album starts off with a track that has a part spoken by Morgan Freeman. While that looks cool, the song behind it isn’t that great. “Ray Bands” is an okay song that plays off of his birth name, Bobby Ray.

My favorite tracks off of the album come in the middle, with “So Hard to Breathe” and “Both of Us” with Taylor Swift. I was interested by the Taylor Swift feature and as I said when it first leaked I thought  it was a hit.

Unlike the Swift feature though, I think most of them were let downs. While the title track has been out for a while, re-listening to the Wayne verse reminds me how much Wayne has fallen off and why I never liked him in the first place. “Arena” with Chris Brown and T.I let me down. Brown sung the chorus but didn’t get a verse while T.I’s verse just wasn’t that great. One nice surprise feature though was Playboy Tre on “Just a Sign. The only other time I’ve heard Playboy Tre was on “Bet I”, a track on “The Adventures of Bobby Ray” but he had one of the better features on this album.

There were songs that were just good, but nothing great from B.o.B on this album. That’s not to say that he won’t have radio hits or sell a lot of records though, because it will.

Album Rating: 3 out of 5
Best Song: So Hard to Breathe


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