Forbes releases Top 10 highest paid coaches list

Whether or not every fan may realize it, coaches are important and are an important part to a championship team. We don’t always know how much a coach is coming on for, but now thanks to Forbes we have the 10 highest paid coaches in all of the sports. 8 of the 10 come from football while the other two are championship winning basketball coaches.

Coming in at 10 on the list though, is somebody who has been know for the inability to win a championship throughout his career. Andy Reid has been a great coach with the Eagles and has earned the 5.5 million that he makes annually. While he may not have a championship, Andy Reid is a good coach. Whether the Eagles fans want to admit it or not.

Number 9 is Super Bowl winning coach Mike Tomlin. Since taking over from Bill Cowher, Tomlin has a 55-25 record and earns 5.75 million each year. The Steelers are in championship contention each year and a big part of that is their coach Mike Tomlin.

At 8 is a former Steelers coach who is now the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals, Ken Whisenhunt. While Wisenhunt has struggled with the Cardinals since Kurt Warner retired, he also earns 5.75 million each year. Whisenhunt is 40-40 in his career as Cardinals head coach.

Much like Whisenhunt, the coach at number 7 is someone who has come close to a championship but hasn’t won it yet. That coach is Bears head coach Lovie Smith who makes 6 million a year. Lovie Smith is 71-57 as head coach of the Bears since 2004.

At number 6 is the first non-football coach; Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich. Popovich has the most championships of anybody on the list, winning 4 during his time with the San Antonio Spurs. They are in contention for another one during the NBA playoffs this year.

The next four coaches on this list all make the same amount, 7 million annually, but have had differing success. Pete Carroll, who has been 47-49 during his tenures as a head coach, earned his salary with his time at USC. The success he had there though hasn’t translated into the NFL. Jeff Fisher also made the list at 7 million. This year will be the first year that he isn’t coaching the Titans, but the Rams brought him in for 7 million a year. Also making 7 million a year is the only other basketball coach on this list, Celtics coach Doc Rivers. Rivers has earned his salary after winning a championship with the Celtics and being on of the league’s best coaches. The final coach at 7 million is Redskins coach Mike Shannahan. Shannahan won a championship while with Denver, but his success hasn’t equaled his pay in Washington.

The final and highest paid coach on this list shouldn’t come as a surprise. After winning 3 championships with the Patriots and going to 5 total Super Bowls, Bill Belichick has earned his 7.5 million per year. He’s been 139-53 in his time with the Patriots and can take his league high pay with him to Canton when he’s done coaching.


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