Chad Ochocinco signs with Miami in a deal good for both sides

Chad Ochocinco was released by the New England Patriots just four days ago. For somebody who seemed washed up, you may think it would take longer than 4 days for him to find a new home. That’s not the case though.

Ocho will be switching to a division rival, as he signed a one year deal with the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins must have seen something from Ocho, who only had 15 catches and 1 touchdown with the Patriots in 2011.

Some people may question the deal, but I think that signing Ochocinco really is a win-win situation for both sides.

For Ochocinco, it obviously means he’ll be on an NFL team. I’m not convinced that he’s washed up like some others want to believe and I think he could surprise a lot of people this year. I also don’t believe that he is a negative presence in the locker room. Him and T.O may be best known for their celebrations, but there’s a big difference between the two of them in the locker room, which is evident by the fact that it took Ocho four days to get a new job while it’s been two years since we’ve seen T.O in the NFL, and he’s a future Hall of Famer. And if all of that fails, Ocho gets to further improve his media presence on Hard Knocks with the Dolphins.

As for the Dolphins, the chance they’re taking isn’t a huge one. They signed somebody that nobody else wanted to a one year deal. You know what he is capable of, the problem is getting him back to that point. After trading Brandon Marshall, the Dolphins were coming into 2012 with Davone Bess, Brian Hartline and Legedu Nanee as their three best WR’s. It’s obvious that they needed some help for rookie QB Ryan Tannehill and even if the veteran presence of Ocho just helps in the locker room than that’s a win for them.

Ochocinco has had a great career and while many thought the end for him would have been last year, it looks like he’s got another year in him. Whether we’ll see the Chad Johnson of Cincinnati or the Chad Ochocinco of New England is the real question though. All I know is, I have a new favorite for the comeback player of the year award.


5 Responses to Chad Ochocinco signs with Miami in a deal good for both sides

  1. Steven Jeffries says:

    Hope they didn’t pay too much…

    • stephenchott says:

      I really doubt that they did. He’s not worth much right now and it’s not like he had any other offers to match it up against.

      • Steven Jeffries says:

        Very true. Dolphins coach, Joe Philbin, may just be looking for Ochocinco to motivate younger receivers to win starting roles…Thanks for the comments!

      • stephenchott says:

        Either that or he’s hoping Ocho has something left. The Dolphins WR’s look real shaky and it doesn’t help that they have a rookie QB

      • Steven Jeffries says:

        Many don’t believe that Tannehill will be good in the NFL. I disagree, but he’ll need support all around him. Let’s hope Miami doesn’t sign Owens now!

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