Drake considering mixtape name change due to overuse of Y.O.L.O

As somebody who is still in school, the amount of people who say YOLO is out of control. It’s of course the stupid kids using it in stupid situations, but as you may or may not know it originated from the Drake song off “Take Care” with Lil Wayne called “The Motto”.

YOLO(which stands for You Only Live Once) was supposed to also be the name of Drake’s upcoming joint mixtape with Rick Ross. According to an interview with MTV, he’s now considering a change in the mixtape name.

“That title has become so … it’s like an epidemic. So I hope by the time we finish it, it would still hold weight and substance,” Drake said. ” “We might have to call it something different now ’cause that’s just so attached to ‘The Motto.’ ”

I really hope you do change the name Drake. I also hope you consider just releasing a mixtape by yourself, because it is most likely going to be ruined by Rick Ross. Who knows though, because “Lord Knows” was actually a good track.

Anyway, Rick Ross and Drake have confirmed many tracks on the project are done, but it’s not finished yet.



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