Drake and Chris Brown get in a fight at NYC club over Rihanna

A lot of people in the music business have been linked to Rihanna. Drake, Meek Mill and of course her old boyfriend Chris Brown to name a couple. There’s been rumors of beef between Drake and Chris Brown before, but it seems like they finally boiled over into an actual altercation last night.

According to reports Drake showed up to WIP, a nightclub in New York City, with Meek Mill, Wale and French Montana. Chris Brown was already at the nightclub, and sent a bottle over to Drake. Drizzy didn’t take this too well, and bottles started to get thrown. Apparently, Drake also taunted Drake by saying “I’m f***ing the love of your life”.

Of course what really happened depends on where you go for your news, but Chris Brown is saying that Drake ran away. After the altercation Brown tweeted “How u party wit rich n***** that hate? Lol…..Throwing bottles like girls? #shameonya” along with saying that Drake ran to the bathroom and hid behind security. Brown also tweeted out a photo of a cut that he got on his chin from the fight, but it’s been deleted along with all the tweets about Drake.

TMZ reports that the NYPD were called early in the morning but by the time that they arrived Drake and Chris Brown were both gone and nobody was arrested.

Who knows where this beef goes from here, but I think we’re in for some lame diss songs if it goes farther.


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