Charlotte Bobcats name Mike Dunlap Head Coach

The coaching search for the “honor” of being the head coach for the Charlotte Bobcats is over. The Charlotte Observer is reporting that the Bobcats have hired St. Johns assistant coach Mike Dunlap as their head coach.

Dunlap has been an assistant coach with the Denver Nuggets previously, but this is a big risk for Michael Jordan. He is pairing an inexperienced coach with an awful inexperienced team. Jordan also had Jerry Sloan, Quin Synder and Brian Shaw in the running for the job. All have more experience than Dunlap, but Jordan went with the less experienced(and costly) Mike Dunlap.

Good luck Mike Dunlap. You’re gonna need it.


2 Responses to Charlotte Bobcats name Mike Dunlap Head Coach

  1. If he was going to hire an inexperienced coach why not Patric Ewing? He’s got almost a decade of being an assistant coach plus he’s a hall of gamer…Mike Dunlap? Really?

    • stephenchott says:

      I agree 100%. I actually really thought Patrick Ewing should get a chance and Jordan knows him pretty well so I thought it had a chance. Really don’t understand this hiring, although that fits in with everything else the Bobcats have done since Jordan took over

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