Kendrick Lamar talks on new projects

Kendrick Lamar is still a young rapper without his first album, but he is rising quickly due to his song “The Recipe” with Dr. Dre. Kendrick did an interview with HypeTrak to talk about “The Recipe”, his debut album and a joint mixtape with J.Cole.

On his debut album, he said “I’m still workin’, you know, it’s almost there. It’s really about just having it to my expectations, you know, not anybody else’s, that’s what I’m focusing on. We workin’.”

When it comes to the producers on the new album, he says he’s going to keep it real “in house. “Soundwave, Tae Beats, Willie B, Dave Free, Digi+Phonics really. You know, I really just kept it with people I came in with, because they know my sound, I know their sound.”

Finally, Kendrick said that the joint mixtape with J. Cole is still in the works and that while he doesn’t necessarily agree with people stamping “The Recipe” as the new West Coast anthem, he said “It’s definitely a good representation of where we from for sure.”


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