Mixtape Review: Popular Culture by XV

After releasing Zero Heroes in 2011, XV was really only the map. He was nominated for the XXL Freshman Class, had been signed on with Warner Bros. and now has a debut album coming in the Summer of 2012. With an album on the way, XV first released Popular Culture last week for his fans.

The mixtape gets off to a great start with the Intro and Andy Warhol. From the time he started on Andy Warhol I knew it would be a good mixtape. The lyrics are on point and I really enjoyed it.

If you didn’t know, Andy Warhol is a famous painter from the 80’s and much like the rest of the mixtape he’s used as a track title. One of the things that makes Popular Culture great is the creativity and thought that XV puts into it. He pulls samples from Willy Wonka, The Truman Show, The Simpsons, Full House and plenty of other places. It really is great from start to finish.

As someone who usually plays the songs on my Ipod on shuffle, this mixtape almost feels out of place on shuffle. Whether that’s good or bad I’m not sure, but the songs definitley flow into each other in a way that makes listening to the mixtape from start to finish a different experience than listening to them individually.

There was only one track I really didn’t like(Mary Kate and Ashley) although there were plenty of tracks that weren’t special. On the other hand, there are songs that really shine like Andy Warhol, Aaaah Real Monsters(named after the Nickelodeon TV show from the 90’s and featuring B.o.B) and Wonkavator.

Overall though, Popular Culture is a great mixtape. I love the creativity behind it and the mixtape art is also great. Now I’m going to have to go back and listen to Zero Heroes and anticipate his upcoming album, “The Kid With the Green Backpack”.

Mixtape Review: 4 out of 5 stars
Best Song: Andy Warhol


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