Mixtape Review: Damn by Malik Ferraud

I’m always looking for new music. I love hearing new artists, especially when they’re good and haven’t gotten a deal yet or even been discovered. That’s why when Malik Ferraud reached out to me via Twitter, I didn’t hesitate to listen to his new mixtape, “Damn”.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to get from him, but I was very pleased when I started listening to the mixtape. Nothing too impressive came from the first couple of tracks but then I came across “Around the World” and “Mental Thoughts”. From that point on, I was a fan of Malik Ferraud.

An important part of being an artist and putting out a successful mixtape or album is diversity between your tracks. Nobody wants to hear 20 tracks about smoking weed or 20 tracks about how rich you are. It doesn’t work, and that’s why I was very hesistant at first.

On “Damn”, Malik Ferraud reaches into dark places but also takes time to celebrate and enjoy what he has.  The balance is there and it makes listening to the mixtape as a whole enjoyable. Sometimes songs about smoking weed can get old, but I think Malik does a good job while still doing those songs as well as going deeper in his songs.

I was disappointed that my favorite track, “Burns and Scars” was only 1:25 long. It really is good and from then on I knew he was for real. Also a great song was “Traffic Jam”, which was the single off this mixtape with Phil Ade.

Overall, the mixtape is good. I’m not ready to put him or this mixtape on the level of some others, like XV who I recently did a review on. Malik Ferraud has defintley shown the potential of being a good artist and has made a fan out of me. I’m looking forward to seeing what he has in the future.

Mixtape Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Best Song: Burns and Scars

You can here the mixtape here


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