Who should take a chance on Plaxico Burress?

We all know the story of Plaxico Burress by now. Make the Super Bowl winning catch for the Giants, demand a new contract, shoot yourself, get cut, sign with the Jets when you get out of jail.

When Plax signed that deal though, it was only a 1 year contract which leaves him without a contract this season. He had 45 catches and 8 touchdowns with the Jets last season, but they didn’t want him back. And it seems like Plax is having some trouble finding a new team.

He expressed how much he wanted to play for the Eagles, but they turned him down. Now recently he’s said he wants to play for the Panthers, but they have no interest in signing him either. Obviously, Plaxico needs some help finding a new team so I’m going to lay out some options.

Carolina Panthers: Okay, I know that I just said they turned him down but maybe they’ll reconsider. Right now they have Steve Smith who bounced back in Cam Newtons rookie year after it looked like he may be done. Besides Smith though, they’re WR’s aren’t too impressive. Right now they have Brandon Lafell and David Gettis, so why not add Plaxico to the mix and give Cam another weapon?

Miami Dolphins: They just signed Ochocinco, so why not add Plaxico? They could use some help for Ryan Tannehill and in case Ocho doesn’t work, they may want to have Plaxico as a backup. Then again, having to deal with Ocho and Plax may be too much for a young rookie.

New York Giants: I’ve been behind the idea of Plax hooking up with his old team for awhile, and for a little while during last offseason it seemed like it may happen. With the emergence of Victor Cruz, Plax would just be a 3rd WR but he would be a very effective one for the Giants and would be a great endzone target.

St Louis Rams: They missed out on Justin Blackmon and Michael Floyd, so bringing in Plaxico could help them temporarily. Sam Bradford struggled last season and a major part of that was because he had no WR’s. The Rams added Steve Smith but along with Danny Amendola, that WR core isn’t going to strike fear into anyone.


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