Winning a Championship takes some help

When LeBron James first joined up with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami, he was criticized for “getting help” to win a championship. People said that even if he had won a championship, it would hurt his Hall of Fame credibility because he was taking an “easy way out”.

This idea is ridiculous. Nobody wins championships by themselves, and every single player needs help to win.

Look at Michael Jordan. Many people like to believe that Scottie Pippen was just a second wheel to Jordan, but don’t want to give credit to how great of a player Pippen really was. Pippen was a 7 time All Star, 3 time All First team NBA, an 8 time All First team Defensive player and most importantly a Hall of Famer. Jordan also played with another Hall of Famer in his second 3 peat with the Bulls in Dennis Rodman.

Larry Bird was also a great player, but didn’t do it by himself. Bird may have been the best player on the three Celtics teams he won championships with, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t get help. Bird played with two Hall of Famers for all of his championships in Kevin McHale and Robert Parish.

The list goes on of players who needed help. Magic Johnson had Kareem Abdul Jabbar.  Dr. J, Hakeem Olajuwon, Shaq, Kobe. The list goes on. All of them needed help. Look at the NBA’s list of the 50 greatest players and almost all of them had help to win their championships.

When we got mad at LeBron for teaming up with D-Wade, it was a ridiculous idea and as we see now it was what he needed. And as of right now, besides LeBron there isn’t even another sure thing Hall of Famer on that team. Maybe D-Wade, but it’s too early to tell for that. So let’s give LeBron the credit that he deserves and not try and use the excuse that he “got help” to win his championship.


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