The Most Anticipated Albums of July

With the summer in full effect, many artists will be releasing albums and trying to have the album of the summer. There are many albums I’m looking forward to in the month of July alone. While August looks like a huge month, here’s 4 albums to look forward to in July.


Fortune by Chris Brown: July 3rd

Well, Chris Brown knows what he’s doing. He put fire under the Drake beef right before the release of his album and his album will get bought. So far from what he’s released from the album it seems to be a lot of pop music and radio hits, but hopefully he brings some good Chris Brown R&B songs to it too.


Chanel Orange by Frank Ocean: July 17th

With all due respect to everybody else on the list, this is the album I’m most excited for all summer. And with the exception of the G.O.O.D Music album, nothing else comes close. I posted the track listing for the album last week, and it promises to be good.


Life is Good by Nas: July 17th

Man, July 17th is going to be great isn’t it? What else is there to say? I’ve been excited for this album since he released The Don, and we’ll finally get what we’ve been waiting for on July 17th. Life will be good on July 17th with Nas and Frank Ocean.


God Forgives, I Don’t by Rick Ross: July 31st

The final album is also one that’s been pushed back. I haven’t always been the biggest fan of Rick Ross, but I am defintley looking forward to giving this album a play. I really liked Power Circle, off of the Maybach Music mixtape so that’s a good sign for this album which should be full of features from Maybach Music as well as a feature from some of his Young Money friends.


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