Where do the Lakers stand in the West with Steve Nash?

In the hours following the Lakers acquiring Steve Nash, many questions have been asked. Among the questions being asked, is where do the Lakers stand in the Western Conference now.

The Lakers finished last season 3rd in the Western Conference with Steve Blake and Ramon Sessions at point guard. They beat the Nuggets in the 1st round but fell to the Thunder in the 2nd round.

With Steve Nash though, what can we expect from the Lakers this season?

When determining that, you need to answer the question about how Steve Nash playing with Kobe Bryant and the rest of the Lakers. While they may struggle on defense, I don’t think they will have a problem at all playing together. I do also think that Pau Gasol will be able to bounce back, if he’s still on the Lakers when the season starts.

Where does this leave them in the grand scheme of things in the West though? Well let’s start off by saying they aren’t better than the Thunder. I think most people are reasonable enough to know that, but you never know what some NBA fans may think. The Thunder beat the Lakers in 5 games in this years playoffs, and Steve Nash isn’t going to make them better than that team.

The 2nd seed in the West last season was the San Antonio Spurs. We like to count the Spurs out every year, but they always surprise us and are one of the top seeds in the West.  I’d have to see how these Lakers play together before putting them ahead of the Spurs, but there’s a good chance that they do surpass the Spurs this year.

The only other team that is close to the Lakers right now is their L.A rival, the Los Angeles Clippers. The Clippers obviously have a good nucleus, and are trying to add Ray Allen right now as well. If they can add Ray Allen, they could be a very dangerous team. Right now I’d say that the Lakers are better than the Clippers too though.

Of course we’ll have to wait until they play, but for now Steve Nash looks like a huge upgrade for the Lakers. It doesn’t make them the best team in the West, and their defintley not better than the Heat or some teams in the East. This move does make them better though, and will give them a few more years of contention.


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