Album Review: Fortune by Chris Brown

Leading up to the release of his album, most of the hype surrounding Chris Brown came from his beef with Drake over their night club fight weeks ago. Then, as expected, right before the release of the album he decided to drop a diss song directed at Drake. In a poor rap over Chief Keef’s “I Don’t Like”, Brown was trying to promote his album by once again trying to prove he can rap.

Unfortunately, he has tried over and over again to be a rapper when it has failed almost every time. It has worked, as shown in “Look at Me Now” off his last album FAME. On Fortune though, the only somewhat bearable rap is on “Mirage” with Nas, and that’s mostly because Nas is on the track.

The album starts off with his biggest single off the album so far, the radio hit “Turn up the Music”. This is what Chris Brown does well. R&B songs and songs like “Turn Up the Music” which get overplayed on the radio.

What he doesn’t do well, is once again the rapping. The second track “Bassline” is a typical Chris Brown rap song, in which he spends most of the track boasting and dropping bad line after bad line.

After “Till I Die” which features Wiz Khalifa and Big Sean, comes the best feature on the album. As mentioned above, “Mirage” with Nas is the best attempt Brown has at rapping but Nas steals the show.

When myself and many other people who like Chris Brown’s music first heard him, he was a young R&B singer. That’s what he excelled at and those are the best points of the album.  I enjoyed songs like that, such as “Sweet Love”, “Don’t Judge Me” and “4 Years Old”.

Overall, this album was a little below average. The singles were pretty good so I was expecting more, but was very disappointed.  He claimed at the BET awards that this would be his last album, but his reps quickly struck that down. We don’t know when/if this is the last we’ve seen of Brown, but if it is then it’s a poor swan song.

Album rating: 2 out of 5
Best Song: Don’t Judge Me


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