Eli Manning vs. Tony Romo: Who really is the best QB in the NFC East?

Oh Amani Toomer. The NBA is in an exciting offseason and baseball is going on. Why did you have to bring up Eli Manning? We heard enough about him immediately following the Super Bowl, but you waited till now to bring him up.

In case you haven’t heard, Amani Toomer, who is a former teammate of Manning, came out this week and said he would take Tony Romo over Eli Manning. You know, in an attempt to get himself a job somewhere. Just like when he ripped Jeremy Shockey as a bad teammate a couple months ago. Anyway, the media wants to bring this conversation up again even though they were saying Eli was better than Peyton a couple of months ago.

So who is the better quarterback? I think you, smart reader, may already know the answer but let’s look at the career stats anyway. And since Eli has played two more years, I’ll take the last 6 years for the sake of the argument.

Tony Romo: 47-30 record, 1-3 in playoffs, 20,834 yards, 149 TD’s, 72 INT’s.
Eli Manning: 57-39 record, 8-2 in playoffs, 22,774 yards, 155 TD’s, 103 INT’s.

Okay, so from looking at this two things stand out off the top. Eli’s ridiculously better winning percentage and his INT numbers which are much bigger. Besides INT’s, Eli has Romo beat across the board. Not to mention how much better Eli has been at the end of big games. Also, Eli has the head to head advantage against Romo. He’s 7-5 against the Cowboys in Romo’s time as QB including one playoff win.

So regardless of what the great and knowledgeable Amani Toomer has to say, I’ll take Eli. All you need to do is look at what they’ve accomplished. It’s all you need to know.


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