Who will have a bigger impact in 2012: Ray Allen or Jason Terry?

After another loss to the Miami Heat in the playoffs, Ray Allen decided to live true to the old saying. “If you can’t beat them, join them”. That’s exactly what Ray Allen did, joining the Miami Heat after turning down more money to return to Boston.

While they wanted to keep him, the move isn’t a heartbreaker for the Celtics, because days before they signed Mavs guard Jason Terry.

Both guards are searching for a second ring on a new team, and both will have a good chance at getting that this year. While it may be questionable how much they have left in the tank, both will get playing time on their new team. The question though, is who is going to have a bigger impact?

Both Allen and Terry should be coming off the bench in 2012, as Allen will be backing up Dwayne Wade and Terry will probably be backing up the young Celtics guard Avery Bradley. They will both be able to make a huge impact off the bench though, most likely from the 3 point line.

In 2011, Terry shot .378% from the 3 point line while Ray Allen shot .443. It gets even better for the all time 3 point leader, because while Dwayne Wade and LeBron James drive to the rim Allen will get nice open 3 poing shots all game. It could really be a good season from Allen, if he’s healthy. While Terry may not have as good of a season from 3 though, at this point in their respective careers Terry is probably better at creating his own shot.

A big contributor when taking into consideration who will have a better season is how much they are needed on their team. While Ray Allen will probably have a better season, his former team is in bigger need of a shooter. The Heat brought in 3 point shooters to surround their Big 3 and Allen joins Mike Miller and James Jones who are pure 3 point shooters as well as Shane Battier and Mario Chalmers who are also good 3 point shooters. The Heat were in need of a big man, but having the best 3 point shooter of all time does help.

The Celtics, on the other hand, have a big need for a shooter now that Allen is gone. Terry is the better all around player right now, but the Celtics signed him for his pure shooting in 2012. Terry steps onto this team and is easily their best shooter, except for Paul Pierce.

2012 should be good for both Jason Terry and Ray Allen. Both are going to play for championship caliber teams and will probably face off in the playoffs. As for who will have the bigger impact though? It’s close, but I’d give the edge to Terry.


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