Michael Strahan responds to Amani Toomer’s choice of Romo over Manning

As you may have heard, Amani Toomer went on the radio yesterday and said he would take Tony Romo over Eli Manning. I broke it down and picked my side yesterday. And while I still think he’s just trying for some publicity, Michael Strahan had a different take when he appeared on ESPN’s Hill and Schlereth show

“You need to check [Toomer’s] house for bath salts,”

Classic. In a more serious follow up, Strahan explained why he’d take Eli.

“I look at Eli and I think he’s the only two-time [Super Bowl] winning quarterback in the league who gets less respect than anybody else,” Strahan said. ““I think maybe it’s his demeanor, maybe it’s just the way he goes about his business. It’s not showy and it doesn’t look fancy and it’s not extravagant looking but you know what, numbers don’t lie, people do.”

Strahan may be right. It may be his demeanor or it may be his name. Either way, Eli doesn’t get the respect he deserves.


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