C’mon Kansas City

The Kansas City Royals haven’t been relevant for a long time. They haven’t been to the playoffs since 1985. So when they were given the All Star Game in the beautiful Kauffman Stadium, they would finally have the attention of the whole baseball world for a couple of days. The most memorable thing that’s going to come out of their time as All Star host? Their relentless booing of Robinson Cano.

It’s not that Robinson Cano shouldn’t be booed. As he said, he gets booed often being a member of the New York Yankees for his whole career. What I found ridiculous was the reason they were booing and how much they booed him.

First off, I’ve seen ridiculous articles and heard statements that their should be one participant from the host team in each home run derby. I like the idea of captains picking the players are more importantly I like the idea of captains picking people who are more relevant than Billy Butler. I hate to break it to you Royals fans, but the Home Run Derby already is losing viewership and Billy Butler isn’t going to help. He’s 16th in his LEAGUE-not all of baseball, just the AL-in home runs with 16. Some of the people ahead of him include AJ Pierzynski, Jarod Saltalamacchia, Josh Reddick and most importantly everybody that Cano picked for the Derby. Not to mention that the three players Cano picked were the top three home run hitters in the whole Derby. Get real Royals fans and be glad that they needed to bring somebody from your team to the game.

Anyway, like I said I’m totally fine with booing him when he gets up to bat. When you cheer every time he records an out in the HR Derby? A little bit ridiculous. When you’re still bitter enough to boo him when he’s introduced the next day? More ridiculous. The most ridiculous thing that the Royals fans did though? Booing Cano when he’s on the AL team during the All Star Game and cheering when he gets out. I realize that you may be used to booing your on team, but your supposed to be rooting for the AL team when that’s the league your team is.

Kansas City sure has a beautiful stadium but their fans rained on the parade a bit. They held some huge bitter feelings towards somebody because he didn’t bring one of their less qualified players into the Home Run Derby, which I’m sure Billy Butler himself never thought he would be in anyway. C’mon Kansas City.


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