James Dolan finally made the right move and let go of Jeremy Lin

James Dolan has done a lot of dumb things in his time as owner of the Knicks. Hiring Isiah Thomas, trading the whole team for Carmelo Anthony and signing unproven free agents to huge contracts is what James Dolan’s time as owner of the Knicks has been. Bad decision after bad decision and leaving the poor Knicks fans with nothing but hope, only to see their team crash again.

This offseason, it seems like the Jeremy Lin signing has been final straw for a lot of Knicks fans. People are outraged that they wouldn’t sign him and some Knicks fans are even considering jumping to the new team in NY, the Brooklyn Nets.

What I don’t understand though, is how outraged people are that he let go of Jeremy Lin. Everybody expected Dolan to match the contract but when Lin decided to sign on with a huge 3rd year, it became impossible for Dolan to do. Now, Knicks fans are getting mad at Dolan for not doing something that they’ve been outraged with him doing for years.

Like him or not, Jeremy Lin is still unproven. Lin started 25 games, and now is expected to be paid $25 million over three years. Sounds pretty good for Lin, but how about the team paying him? He did average 14 points a game over the time he played for the Knicks, but he also averaged 3.6 turnovers per game. Lin also had 12 games in which he had 6 or more turnovers. That’s a lot of turnovers for someone you’re paying $25 million.

Still, it’s not the $25 million that made this signing impossible to do. It was the $14 million that he was set to get in the 3rd year. There was no way that the Knicks could avoid paying the luxury tax in that year, which would force them to pay $30 million. It’s amusing to hear people say that Dolan has that kind of money and should spend it. It’s easy to spend someone else’s money.

It’s also interesting to hear people assume that the Knicks could just trade away Lin for that third season. If Lin’s a bust, who’s going to want to take $14 million in a useless contract? It’s been hard enough for the Knicks with Amare’s contract and we’ve seen how hard it is to move some of the other huge contracts around the league.

Another interesting assumption that most people are making is that the Knicks will make back the money from the Asian market for Lin. Sure they made plenty of money when Lin was playing well for the Knicks, but what if he’s sitting on the bench? Who’s going to want to pay for Lin then?

There’s been a lot of assumptions made in this Jeremy Lin case. People assume he’s going to be the player we saw at the beginning of the “Linsanity” and not the end when he was scouted and turning over the ball way too much. “Linsanity” was fun, but now that it’s time to pay him it’s over. And for once, I’m on James Dolan’s side.


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