Lupe Fiasco continues his attack on Hip Hop today, says 97% of it is terrible

Lupe Fiasco has been visiting radio stations this week as a way to promote his upcoming album “Food and Liquor 2”. Along the way, he’s clearly let his opinion on today’s Hip Hop game known.

“I came from a different school. I came from Canibus, Eminem. To me, that’s up top. Early Jay Z too. So for me, lyrically, it’s a different kind of conversation. But I guess if it’s just technically rapping, making words rhyme, metaphor here, metaphor here, it’s cool. For me, technically it’s good, beats are good, everything is good, it’s fresh. But to me, the substance is just terrible. 97% of Hip Hop is terrible”

Keep speaking Lupe. In the same interview, he praised Slaughterhouse and Drake as artists who are good.

While talking about Hip Hop, Lupe also said that he would soon be ending his relationship with Atlantic records and major labels in general.

“We’re coming toward the end of our relationship so it’s like a going away party. After this album, I got one left. So it’s all good for now. They give me my room. I’m definitely not going back to the majors. I’m definitely going indie when we’re done”


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