EA announces Top 10 QB’s for Madden 13

As they like doing, EA is making the release of information on Madden slow and painful. The most recent case of this is their releasing of the Top 10 at each position, starting with the Top 10 QB’s this week in the way of a video by former running back Marshall Faulk. While they will change during the season as they do in Madden, these are the Top 10 to start the season. Keep in mind these are also just overalls and we don’t know much about throwing power, accuracy, speed, etc.

10. Michael Vick: 89 overall
9. Tony Romo: 90 overall
8. Matt Stafford: 91 overall
7. Phillip Rivers: 92 overall
6. Peyton Manning: 93 overall
5. Ben Roethlisberger: 95 overall
4. Eli Manning: 97 overall
3. Drew Brees: 98 overall
2. Tom Brady: 98 overall
1. Aaron Rodgers: 99 overall

Some interesting things, although a lot of these are pretty predictable. For the first time probably since he’s been in the league, Peyton Manning isn’t a top 5 QB. He’s rating correctly and I applaud Madden for not overrating him even when he’s on the decline. Also fun to see Eli ahead of him for the first time. Finally, Phillip Rivers’ bad season didn’t affect him too much staying with a solid 92 overall. Let me know what you think about the ratings and stay tuned for more as they’re released.


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