Mixtape Review: While You Were Sleeping by Jon Connor

For a rapper who never stops working, a mixtape title like “While You Were Sleeping” makes perfect sense. After releasing “The People’s Rapper LP” back on April and “The Blue Album” on Valentines day, Connor is back at after dropping “While You were Sleeping” on July 26th. I really wouldn’t be surprised if he finds a way to drop another mixtape this year, as crazy as it sounds. He is always working, and the quality of the mixtapes he puts out never really changes.

Connor brings back his All Varsity Music crew with him on “While You Were Sleeping”, along with some other names like Bun B and Kid Ink.

“While You Were Sleeping” is a mixtape that was all originally produced, unlike “The People’s Rapper LP” and “The Blue Album” which were raps over Eminem and Jay Z beats. As I said when he put them out, he killed those as he did with the raps he spits on “While You Were Sleeping”.

The first two songs on “While You were Sleeping” are good, but the mixtape doesn’t get real good until the third track and the first song leaked off the mixtape, “Scriptures”. And as he warns other rappers and his haters, “Told you ni**as it’s my motherfu**ing time bro, told you ni**as about fucking round with Jon hoe”

Throughout the album he reminds the rap game that he isn’t going anywhere, and that’s at it’s best on “Still Here” with Brandon Bars. The second leaked track from the album “Don’t Wanna Be” comes up a little later and is another great track. It uses a sample from the Gavin DeGraw song “I don’t wanna be”. As it’s become an expectation with Connor, he spits great raps better than anybody else with much more meaning than most other rappers.

Speaking of other rappers, Connor has always been very vocal about his displeasure of other rappers in the game today. He produces the best line from the album in my favorite song from the album, on “Dubby” with Mickey Wallace.

They say I’m tired of Connor sayin how niggas whack
Shit I’m tired of saying it to the sad
Part is it’s a fact
So why don’t you tweet your favorite rapper
And tell him to learn how to rap
So I can change my subjects matters till
Love it or change the track

Also on that track is Mickey Wallace, who is by far my favorite member of Connor’s All Varsity Music crew. He kills every track I’ve heard him on, especially this one and “Renegade” off “The Blue Album”.

The mixtape goes through different ups and lows of the life Connor has faced recently and that leads into “Lone Star” with GLC and Bun B, which is a good song with a heavy southern influence, most likely coming from Bun B.

Overall, this mixtape is what I have come to expect from Jon Connor. Sick beats and even sicker raps. He’s the hardest up and coming rapper and truly is the “People’s Rapper”. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll notice that my Twitter pic is of the album art. Why? Not only to support Connor, but because he was following everybody that put it as their twitter pic. Not only that, but Connor retweets almost everybody that tweets him on Twitter. He appreciates his fans and as he’s said before, he wouldn’t be anywhere without the fans.

This isn’t the mixtape of the year, but it’s definitely a contender so far. What is my mixtape of the year so far? “The People’s Rapper LP” by Jon Connor.

Mixtape Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars
Best Song: “Dubby” ft Mickey Wallace


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