The Most Anticipated Albums of August

Now that it’s the first day of August, all of the music that was released in July is behind us and it’s time to look forward to August. There was some good music released in July too, between Frank Ocean’s “Channel Orange” and Nas’ “Life is Good” alone were two albums of the year. Will there be any albums of the year in August? We’ll see, but here’s the one’s I’m looking forward too.


Based on a T.R.U Story by 2 Chainz: August 14th

The official tracklist for the album was released yesterday, and 2 Chainz is hoping to turn his first album into a successful one. I’m not the biggest 2 Chainz fan right now, but he has put out 2 good singles(No Lie and Birthday Song) so the album is worth a listen. I’m not sure how well a 2 chainz song by just himself will hold up though, because I’ve admittedly only listened to 2 chainz songs with features.

Chapter V by Trey Songz: August 21st

A week later, Trey Songz will release his next album Chapter V. Trey has always been a great person to have on features for rappers, but with his last album Passion, Pain and Pleasure he proved that he can make a very good R&B album too. The first single off the album, “Heart Attack” is already doing well and is a real good song.

Dreams and Nightmares by Meek Mill: August 28th

And then a week after that, we get Meek Mill’s debut album. I didn’t jump onto the Meek Mill bandwagon until his last mixtape, Dreamchasers 2, and I’m still not completely on. He can have some impressive tracks but like his MMG boss Rick Ross, he can also disappoint on a lot of songs. Either way, I’m looking forward to what he brings in his debut album. (Note: That’s not the album art above. There hasn’t been one released yet, so that’s what I had to go with)

What are you looking forward to? Let me know in the comments below!


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