Presenting the USA Olympic Rap team

I follow a couple of rappers on twitter. Kanye West, J.Cole and Common to name a couple. While they don’t all tweet a lot, a twitter conversation between Common and his followers last night made me really think about this subject. If the USA had to form an Olympic rap team, who would they send?

It’s an interesting and silly conversation, but I’m going to write this up anyway. I’m going to go ahead and use a basketball style lineup, with 5 starters and a bench. Using producers as coaches too. This team is very dream team-esque compared to other countries, but it’s not any worse than what Team USA is doing to teams in basketball anyway.

Starting 5

Kanye West
Kendrick Lamar

What an incredible starting 5 that is. Would also make an incredible song, although that’s probably never going to happen. The first four are all legends of the game, and are still pretty good right now. They are the veterans of the team and there’s no way they wouldn’t be selected. The wildcard starter though, is Kendrick Lamar. Some would say that a young guy like Kendrick doesn’t deserve to be in the conversation with these guys, but he’s incredible right now and would be the young up and comer on the team. Besides, Dr. Dre is the coach and they’re West Coast Buddies.


Lupe Fiasco
Andre 3000
Chris Brown

I like to think of these guys as the feature guys coming off the bench. Even though they’d make a great song together, they are the guys coming off the bench to provide the help for the starters. Even though Andre 3000 and Common are veterans, they come in and help the starters. I originally had Drake in the last spot because I liked the double threat that he brought but then I remembered he was Canadian. While Chris Brown may not be the best rapper, he’s a great singer and is great on hooks. So he gets the last spot.

There’s some people I wanted to include on this list, such as XV or Jon Connor, but I think we can compare them to college players right now. They are really good, but not totally know yet and haven’t proved themselves yet. Maybe in four years guys.

Coach: Dr. Dre

Like I said earlier, Dr. Dre is definitely the coach. When I was thinking about the coach position, I thought about the best producers today because that’s what they are doing when they’re making music. They’re the brains behind it and they draw up a plan that needs to be executed. Dre was an easy choice because he’s one of the best rap producers still actively making music. Oh, and because Kanye is playing.

I’m not sure what other countries would even be able to compete, but the US definitely has this won.


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