T.I pushes back “Trouble Man”, hopes it will come out before end of the Year

In today’s hip hop scene, it’s become a rarity to see an album drop on it’s scheduled day. Usually albums get pushed back due to leaks, but sometimes it’s just a decision by the artist. In fact, just yesterday I posted about Wiz Khalifa and Kanye both pushing back albums.

It comes as no surprise then that T.I has pushed back his album yet again. “Trouble Man”, which was slated for a September release now doesn’t have a release date and T.I told MTV news he just hopes to release it by the end of the year.

“Me being the perfectionist I am, I’m still tweaking and fine-tuning, trying to fit all the parts” he told them, “I did, like, 124 songs and I’ve narrowed it down to 86 now, so now I have to continue to narrow it down. I’m not trying to paint myself into a corner with a date. I’m trying to make sure that the project is the best it could be, and I’m trying to get that down by the end of the year”

126 songs? He’s got it down to 86? Yikes. The only good news that could come out of this is that a large quantity of songs could mean some mixtape drops from Tip. It does worry me though. As the saying goes; quality over quantity.


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