Cheif Keef is clueless, says his fame had nothing to do with Kanye remix

When you hear the name Chief Keef, there is only one thing that comes to mind. The remix that Kanye West did on his song “I Don’t Like” with the rest of his G.O.O.D Music members. No, you don’t think of the original song. You think of the remix that Kanye did.

With that in mind, it’s funny to hear what Chief Keef had to say on Twitter yesterday about his “fame”.

@kanyewest ain’t do shit for me Hoppin on da song wasn’t enuff I made my self hot #300 all by myself.

I admire his point of view on his “fame”, but he’s flat out wrong. Pretty much nobody outside of Chicago knew who Chief Keef was before Ye remixed the song. It’s not too smart to diss the people that put you on top Chief Keef. Especially when the rest of your music isn’t good. I’m sure he’ll learn that soon though.


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