EA announces Top 10 WR’s & TE’s for Madden 13

Continuing with their release of the Top 10 at a position each week, the people at Madden released the game’s Top 10 WR’s and TE’s for Madden 13. Here’s the list:

10. Hakeem Nicks: 94 overall
9. Roddy White: 94 overall
8. Wes Welker: 95 overall
7. Steve Smith: 95 overall
6. Jimmy Graham: 95 overall
5. Vernon Davis: 95 overall
4. Andre Johnson: 97 overall
3. Larry Fitzgerald: 97 overall
2. Rob Gronkowski: 97 overall
1. Calvin Johnson: 99 overall

It’s a pretty solid list and I have no complaints about the way they’re ordered. My only problem is that I think the gap between the players from Wes Welker down and the guys ahead of them is much bigger than what Madden has made it. I’m fine with it. Looks like the Pats passing game is going to be pretty hard to stop though. And no surprise that the cover boy Calvin Johnson is a 99 overall.

Also, I want to remind everybody(or let you know if you weren’t aware) that the Madden 13 demo is out tomorrow, August 14th. Check it out and I’ll let you know what I think about it right here.


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