Is Madden 13 finally the game to make Madden fans forget about 2k?

Look at any website that posts something about Madden. Not matter what it is or what it’s about you’re almost guaranteed to see a commenter talk about NFL 2k5. Even though the game is 7 years old, it’s the last time that somebody besides EA made an NFL game and most people like to say how it’s still better than today’s Madden games. I personally think the game is overrated, but that’s not the point. People haven’t been able to look past that game due to dissatisfaction with recent Madden games.

Madden 13 may finally be the game to make them forget.

All of the information that’s come out about the new Madden has been good, but today the people at EA released the demo for Madden 13. At first it looked the same, but once I started getting into the gameplay I saw plenty of things that I’ve simply never seen in a Madden game before.

I started my demo playing with the 49’ers vs. Giants rematch from last season. Off the bat you see the new presentation that they’ve brought in for the new Madden game. The presentation looks nice, but unfortunately the new commentary is lacking. It’s nice to hear something besides Cris Collinsworth, but the commentary is really basic. After an Eli Manning incompletion, Phil Simms referred to Eli as “my man”. It’s expected because they didn’t have anything to build on, but hopefully the commentary is better in the future once they can record more with Nantz and Simms.

The gameplay is what’s going to make the difference anyway. The new physics engine really lives up to the hype and makes the game unique compared to others in the past. At one point Frank Gore ran into his own line and instead of bouncing off his lineman or running in place behind them like he would in games past, he simply fell after getting knocked down by his own lineman. Another example of the engine working in this way was two of my players colliding on a interception. Terrell Thomas got the pick, but collided into Antrel Rolle which didn’t allow me to return it. These things are unheard of in Madden games of the past. This new physics action also makes gang tackling a lot smoother, and each player actually makes a difference in the tackle.

Another new thing that’s been boasted about in the new Madden is the catching animations. They weren’t kidding either. These new animations are 10 times better than what they’ve had in the past. There’s plenty of other catches that you haven’t seen. I even made a one handed catch in the endzone with Victor Cruz, capped off by him doing his signature salsa dance. Watch out on offense though, because the corners also seem to have better hands and they no longer drop real easy picks.

Of course this is just a demo and I’ll have to wait until August 28th to see the whole game, but the early indications are very good. I can’t wait for Madden 13, and hopefully everybody else feels the same way. Because honestly I’m tired of talking about a game that’s 7 years old too.


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