LaMarr Woodley donates $60,000 to old high school to prevent paying to participate

With so many athletes making poor decisions, it’s always nice to see somebody do something nice for his old community or for the less fortunate.

Before becoming an All Pro linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers, LaMarr Woodley was a high school player at Saginaw high school in Michigan. Woodley had good memories at Saginaw, including a state championship in 2000. That’s probably why when he heard that the athletic department, due to budget cuts, was set to force student athletes to pay $75 participation fee it just didn’t sit well with him. Woodley decided to pay $60,000 to cover the budget himself.

The experience of playing high school football is a great one for many kids, including Woodley, so forcing kids to pay money just wouldn’t have been right.

“It’s a tough time, but here’s an athletic who gets it” Saginaw athletic direction Dan Szatkowski said “What’s the price you can put on that? What price do you put on an experience? LaMarr Woodley is providing for that”.

Good job, LaMarr Woodley. Like I said, it’s always nice to see athletes give back.


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