Nicki Minaj to join American Idol, “almost 100% done”

In a shocking and weird turn of events, rumors started to swirl yesterday that Nicki Minaj was going to be joining Mariah Carey as an American Idol judge for the upcoming season. While neither party has confirmed it, the New York Daily News and other sources have said that the deal is “almost 100% done”.

It’s certainly a confusing hire if you listen to any of Nicki’s music or have seen her personality. I don’t know how well she really works for a talent judging competition like that, considering her own talent is questionable. How will she be able to judge other people? I really have no idea.

Not that the people at FOX care. I’m almost positive in saying that she’ll bring in ratings, which is all that the struggling signing show is looking for. They’re bringing in big names, and Nicki Minaj is one of the big one’s in today’s music. I’m not even a fan of American Idol, but I will definitely tune in at least one night to see the train wreck that’s about to come from this year’s judging table.

Not that it matters.


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