Mixtape Review: Well Done 3 by Tyga

During his rise before joining Young Money and putting out his debut album, Tyga made his name with mixtapes like “Well Done”. He put out “Well Done” in 2010 and “Well Done 2” in 2011. Following along that pattern, he released “Well Done 3” this past week. Things are different than they were when he put out those mixtapes though. Now Tyga is a well known rapper on Young Money and has put out his debut album “Careless World: Rise of the Last King”, which was a good and successful album.

The tracks on “Well Done 3” are what you would come to expect from Tyga. He raps over a good beat about girls, sex and his fame. He uses metaphors and is very representative of what the Young Money Label-with the exception of Drake-has come to be about.

With the way that Tyga does it though, it works on a good amount of these songs. There are bad songs that I didn’t like, but Tyga doesn’t change his attitude and there are good songs on this mixtape.

There aren’t many features on “Well Done 3”, but they do work. He brings out female rapper Honey Cocaine for two songs and it works pretty well with him. I’m not a huge fan of the 2 Chainz feature and the song “Do My Dance” that he appears on. The best feature on this mixtape is Kirko Bangz, by far. My two favorite songs are the one’s that he’s featured on, and I also liked the rap that Tyga did on the beat to Bangz’ hit, “Drank in My Cup”. He also gets features from Game and Future on the song, “I Remember”.

While also tackling Kirko Bangz’ “Drank In My Cup”, Tyga also has two other tracks on other people’s beats. He touches the G.O.O.D Music hit “Mercy” on his song “Designer” and Rick Ross’ song “Diced Pineapple” on a track with the same name. I’ll take the originals in every case, but the tracks Tyga does are still good.

Tyga’s debut album was good, but I think that this mixtape was better. Tyga knows what his style is, and he sticks to it well. The tracks are hit or miss with me, where I either like them a lot or can’t stand them. The good tracks are enough for me to say that this is a good mixtape though and worth a listen.

Mixtape Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Best Song: “Girls and Guitars” ft Kirko Bangz


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