New Music: Slaughterhouse ft Eminem & Skylar Grey-Our House

With their album “Welcome to: our house” dropping in a week, Slaughterhouse has done a good job of building hype. I think they know what’s going to catch people’s attention, and that would be the head of their label, Eminem. They’ve released two songs from the album and it just happens that it’s the two tracks on their album with Eminem. I was really disappointed with “Throw That” and I was starting to feel like this song would be like it. On “Throw That”, Em only did the chorus and I thought they might have done something like that again on “Our House”. Thankfully, Eminem came in at the end and blew it out of the water. Once again, I enjoyed the Skylar Grey feature much like “I Need a Doctor”. This will definitely build some buzz for the album, but now I wonder what people who aren’t big Slaughterhouse fans will tune in for. It would be Eminem, but now both tracks with him are out. We’ll have to wait until August 28th and see if Slaughterhouse delivers.


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