Album Review: Chapter V by Trey Songz

With his 2010 album “Passion, Pain & Pleasure” Trey Songz burst onto the scene as one of the top R&B artists today and also as an artist who has been featured on a plethora of other artists albums. While putting out two mixtapes in the time between these albums, Songz has worked on his craft and it shows in “Chapter V”.

Throughout the album, he goes through the same sort of “pain & pleasure” that he did in his previous album. After the Intro track, the album starts with “Dive In” and “Panty Wetter”. Much like “Panty Droppa” off his 2009 album “Ready”, the latter track is very sexual as you would come to expect from Trey Songz. It’s the music that has made him famous.

The next track is the hit single, “Heart attack”. In the storyline that is this album, it goes from the sexual tracks and the pleasure to the pain from getting his heart broken. “I never knew love would feel like a heart attack. Cause I never knew love, would hurt this fucking bad” he sings.

After that song, the album transitions into the fighting with this significant other on the track “Playin Hard”. Most likely a result of the fight, he goes out on the track “2 Reasons” ft T.I. “I only came for the bitches and the drinks”, he raps. I wasn’t a huge fan of this song, the second single from the album. Another track I wasn’t a huge fan of was the next one, which was Trey trying his hand at rap once again on “Hail Mary” with Young Jeezy and Lil Wayne.

The following track, “Don’t be Scared” is him reconciling with this other person, after the fights and the nights out and telling them not to be scared of committing to him. He sings on the chorus;

I’ma keep it real alot of women in my phone
But I’ma be for real you the only one I want
I ain’t telling lies like I’m tryin’ to settle down
You probably heard I get around
Don’t you be scared,
Girl don’t you be scared of lovin’
No matter what they say, ’bout ’em ’bout ’em
Don’t you be scared, no matter what your homegirl opinion
You grown make your own damn decision
Don’t you be scared

On the next track, it seems like it may not have worked. “Pretty Girls Lie” has our storyteller talking about the lies being told to him. Again, all guys can relate to the girl with “the pretty face who lies”. While he may be broken over the broken relationship, he soon comes to grips with it on “Bad Decisions” and may be realizing that it’s over.

The coming to grips and regretting it is something that we continue to see for a good portion of the remaining album. The relationship is over, but he proclaims that he’s “Forever Your’s” and later continues with the football analogies by “fumbling her heart”. After coming to grips with the messed up relationship, he pictures life without a woman on a track with the same name. On the chorus, he sings:

Ain’t no pretty picture you can paint
Ain’t no way this life would be the same
I’m telling you a boy can’t be a man without a woman
And you can try as hard as you can, but we ain’t nothing without a woman
Living in a world so cold, so cold
The fire burns through my soul, without a woman

He pictures a life without women, and after going through his own tough relationship he realizes that it isn’t a world he wants. After another interlude, he sings again about his girl that’s gone. On “Simply Amazing” he celebrates the girl of the story “I know I may not deserve it but she loves me and it’s simply amazing”, he sings on the chorus. After all of this though, he realizes that he can never have her again. The album ends on a happy note though, with the track “Check Me Out” with Diddy and Meek Mill, once again celebrating himself and him showing himself moving on.

Trey Songz tells the story that a lot of us can relate to. While it may not be on the same level, the heartbreak and recovery is something that anybody can relate to. The album was put together to tell a story, and it does that very well. By itself, there’s a lot of great songs like “Simply Amazing” and “Heart Attack”. My favorite song is actually one of the bonus songs though, a track called “Almost Lose It” which I’m going to guess didn’t fit in with the rest of the album.

Trey Songz definitely comes away with a winner. “Chapter V” plays out like several chapters of a story, told my the great voice of Trey Songz. It’s a story that many of us know, but this time it’s his voice.

Album Rating: 4 out of 5
Best Song: Almost Lose It


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