Album Review: Kiss the Ring by DJ Khaled

When an artist releases an album, it’s not too hard to decide whether you like it or not. You hear the lyrics, the beats and the people on it and make your decision on the album based off that. While I was listening to this DJ Khaled album though, I was confused as to what he actually did with the album. As with any DJ Khaled song you hear, Khaled yells “WE DA BEST” somewhere in the song and occasionally throws in some other words. Never a complete rap. Then when you look at who produced the album, Khaled only produced two tracks on the album and both of them he co-produced. So my question is, what does DJ Khaled really do besides get people on tracks together and take credit for it?

As with any DJ Khaled album in the past, “Kiss the Ring” is more of a compilation rap album than an actual single piece of work. He brings together a lot of other rappers and puts them on tracks together. Including Khaled, there’s 29 features on “Kiss the Ring”. Some of the individual tracks sound good, but as a whole it just doesn’t work as an album.

When you get past the realization that Khaled doesn’t do much, there are some good songs on “Kiss the Ring”. He brings out T.I and Future for “Bitches and Bottles” on the second track, and the two rappers from Atlanta work well together. One thing I will give Khaled credit for is working the features well together. He also brings Kendrick Lamar out for two tracks, including “They Ready” which is the best track on the whole album. “The Ready” also has Big K.R.I.T and J.Cole, with the track also being produced by Cole.

For every Kendrick Lamar and Nas feature though, there’s also bad features on “Kiss the Ring”. He uses Ace Hood on 4 tracks(6 if you count bonus tracks), and I didn’t like a single one of them. He also got verses from Birdman and Mack Maine, who haven’t written a good rap in their life. At least he bunched them together on the forgettable tracks.

In the end, there is good tracks and it’s an ok album. I still don’t know who the credit goes to. Is it Kendrick Lamar and Nas for putting in great verses on great songs, or Khaled for getting them all together? Khaled gets the money, so I guess it goes to him.

Best Song: They Ready ft J.Cole, Big K.R.I.T & Kendrick Lamar
Album Rating: 2.5 out of 5


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