Cowboys ground Dez Bryant

Go to your room, Dez.

The Cowboys announced yesterday that they have set new restrictions for “troubled” WR Dez Bryant to try and keep him out of trouble. Here’s a list of the rules:

-Midnight curfew. If he wants to stay out past it, he must let the team know.

-No alcohol

-No attending strip clubs, and he can only attend a nightclub if he lets the team know and brings security with him.

-Attend counseling sessions twice a week

-A 3 man security team will be with Bryant, one being there at all times.

-Members of the security team will drive Bryant to practices, team meetings and games.

First of all, you just have to laugh at all of this. They really did just ground him like he was a 12 year old kid and he’d  just gotten a bad report card. Secondly, I’m not sure how this is allowed in the CBA. Bryant actually signed off on the rules, but they don’t seem like something that’s going to go over too well. Thirdly, how would this have stopped any of the problems Bryant has had? His most recent problem was a domestic dispute with his own mother. Seeing his mom is something that wouldn’t be against these rules, and I’m sure they’d sign off on him going to his mom’s after midnight. In March of 2011, he was sued for not paying for jewelry. Would this have stopped that?

These “Dez Bryant rules” are incredibly ridiculous. It further shows that the Cowboys have no idea what they’re doing. I really hope that we don’t see more of these rules instituted with players in the future.


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