Mixtape Review: Dedication 4 by Lil Wayne

He made us wait. He delayed it twice, and he used a lame excuse that he was busy “skating”. After all of this, you would think that Lil Wayne would have put out a pretty good piece of work. Unfortunately, that’s not true.

Listening to “Dedication 4” is like listening to the same 4 songs over and over again, just with different beats. Listen to “Dedication” if you want to hear 14 tracks that repeat the same thing over and over again. We get it Wayne; you smoke weed, eat pussy and skateboard. That’s about the extent of this mixtape. The same metaphors about the same things.

One of the biggest dissapointments was the features. There was a tracklist floating around that claimed the mixtape would feature Kendrick Lamar, Game, T.I and a lot of the games best artists. Who did we actually get on the mixtape? Birdman, Young Jeezy, J.Cole and a lot of artists you’ve never heard of. He even brought in 13 year old “rapper” Young Mouse, who takes the laughs off Wayne for a little. There isn’t a lot funnier to listen to than a 13 year old with a squeaky “mouse” voice who raps about shooting people and getting girls. Seriously, you should go listen to it. The unintentional comedy is off the charts. On the other hand, the only feature worth listening to is J.Cole on “Green Ranger”.

I’m not really sure what I expected. Everything we’ve heard from Wayne makes it no surprise that he delayed it twice, and then released this. He’s taken his focus off rap and it’s obvious he’s not completley into it anymore. He does have talent and we’ve heard it in the past with some of the early stuff he’s released. He doesn’t care anymore, and the result is a bunch of awful tracks. At this point, maybe it would be better for Wayne to call it quits. It’s best for everybody. The worst part though, is that people are actually all over this. I’m not too surprised, because there’s people out there who will praise anything Wayne releases. But this? Let’s be real people.

Mixtape Rating: 1 out of 5
Best Song: None


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