Mixtape Review: Procrastination Kills 4 by Kirko Bangz

With the push backs of Lil Wayne’s “Dedication 4”, Kirko Bangz’ new mixtape “Procrastination Kills 4” was lost in the mix. It is much better though.

If you don’t know about Kirko Bangz, he’s a Drake-esque artist who mixes a sort of singing and rapping flow together. He gained mainstream attention earlier this year when his song “Drank In my Cup”, gained mainstream success and plenty of radio play. Still without a debut album, Bangz’ decided to release the fourth installment of his “Procrastination Kills” mixtape series.

PK4 takes what Bangz’ does best, which is a lot of his slowed down, relaxing rap about girls. Not every song is about girls, but a lot of the mixtape is including “Nasty Ni**a” with Tyga, who returns the favor for Kirko who appeared on two of the songs on Tyga’s “Well Done 3” mixtape. Along with Tyga, Bangz also got features from Young Jeezy, French Montana, Z-Ro and Paul Wall. For the most part though, Bangz is doing it by himself which is something not all rappers do.

My two favorite tracks come towards the end of the mixtape. The first, “Vent” is especially what it sounds like. Bangz takes to the slow beat to vent on past relations and dealing with his own fame. The second is “Use to Be”, which is a rap over the Meek Mill track “Used to Be” from his “Dreamchasers 2” mixtape. Kirko once again is sort of venting on this track, rapping about his fame and struggles growing up. While a lot of the mixtape is about girls and fame, these two take on a more serious feel.

The mixtape as a whole is pretty good. It’s not incredible, but in a week with big mixtape expectations it does deliver with some good tracks. We’ll see how Big Sean’s “Detroit” mixtape matches up tommorow.

Mixtape Rating: 3 out of 5
Best Song: Use to Be


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