New Music: Big Sean-RWT

With his new mixtape, “Detroit” dropping later today Big Sean let go a song and a video to get everyone prepared. This song definitely gets you ready, as it’s some pretty good stuff from Sean. His raps are on point, and it also seems like he may be pointing at a fellow rapper on the track.

I made a mil before twenty-five, man and I ain’t even no lie
Bitch I ain’t sayin’ that shit to brag neither, I’m sayin’ that to inspire
I’m like, damn boy, fuck you sayin’ boy?
Hatin’ on me, knowin’ that you is a fan boy
When I’m around you call me Cuz like we fam boy?
Rappin’ like me let’s me know that I’m the man boy

This may be a little jab and Drake, and I’m not the only one who sees it. “I ain’t even no lie” could be refereeing to the 2 chainz song that Drake appeared on earlier this year. And then the final line about rapping like Sean could also be a jab at Drake. If you remember, Ludacris even criticized Sean and Drake for stealing his style. Anyway, give the song a listen because it’s a good one. “Detroit” drops tonight.


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