New Music: Diggy Simmons takes more shots at J.Cole on “Fall Down”

I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t know, but J.Cole and Diggy Simmons have had a little bit of a back and forth diss fest. Cole started it when he took a little shot at Diggy on his song “Grew Up Fast” which apparently Diggy didn’t take too kindly too when he responded with a pretty weak diss track. Reports had said that they took care of it and squashed the beef, but this past weekend it started up once again. While making an appearance on tour with Kendrick Lamar, reports said that Cole dissed Diggy some more while freestyling. And now we’re here, with Diggy releasing a second diss track.

It’s got some lines about Cole trying to get with Diggy’s sister and Cole’s relationship with his father, but  it’s still just okay. The only good line is when Diggy says “I run circles around your triangles”, taking a possible shot at the Roc Nation sign. I’ve liked some of the things Diggy has done in his past, but diss songs don’t work well for him and neither of them have been great. The only good thing to come out of this could be a real diss track from Cole and not just some subliminal lines.


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