Cries From the Crowd is a brainchild of me, Stephen. I started this blog because I plan to go to college for journalism next year and this blog is somewhere for me to keep perfecting my craft and doing what I love, which is sharing my thoughts on sports and music with my readers.

You can follow me on Twitter @CriesfromCrowd


7 Responses to About

  1. wcreport says:

    How’s it going? I just started a site called Watercooler Report (watercoolerreport.com), and am looking for contributors. The idea of the site is to have anyone be able to post their opinion about recent news, as well as interesting news. Would you be interested in posting some of your sports or music material there? The site still is almost live, and I can make a contributor account for you if you like (I need your name and email to do so). You could write a short bio in the author section, and hopefully it could help you get some extra publicity if it picks up. Let me know if you would be interested.

  2. Michael Gazdik says:


    I’m a writer over at thefarmclub.net. We’re looking to branch out to more college writers and in turn, readers as well. We have writers ranging from Detroit, Lansing and Grand Rapids, MI (Oakland University, Michigan State, Central Michigan), Bowling Green State University, Portland, OR and San Diego State University. 13 writers in all so far really make up the core of our site.
    Your passion for journalism and sports speaks to many of us who are along the same path in our college careers. Three, at last count, of our writers are broadcasting majors, with major internships already done at FOX and ABC affiliates in large markets (Detroit, Grand Rapids) as well as one is the sports broadcaster of a large university and currently working for a local radio station.
    We’d love to work with you and if you’d like to contribute to the site and join our community, let us know.

  3. Michael Gazdik says:

    Dropped you an email. Let me know what you’re feelin’.

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