Is Anderson Silva the most dominant athlete in today’s sports?

I’m a casual UFC fan. I don’t watch all the UFC events, but I will catch an occasional one. Leading up to UFC 148, I couldn’t help but to tune in after hearing the trash talk between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen. It was great, much like the fight that the two put on last night. Once again, Anderson Silva came away with the victory.

Anderson Silva is undefeated since entering the UFC and has defended his UFC middleweight title a record ten straight times. Silva has held his title since October 14th, 2006.  He’s rolled through his opponents and without a question is the most dominant fighter in his own sport.

The question though, when it comes to dominance like that of Silva’s, is whether or not he’s the most dominant athlete in all of sports?

After the 2012 NBA season, there’s no doubt that LeBron James is the most dominant player in the basketball world. You can hate him all you want, but he is dominant. With the amount of time it has taken him to win a championship though, I have a hard time saying that he’s more dominant than Silva. So while he may be up there, he’s not more dominant.

I wouldn’t say that there’s anybody in any of the other three major sports that is above and dominant over everybody else in their sport. Maybe Aaron Rodgers or Calvin Johnson, but I wouldn’t say that they are that much ahead of everybody else in their sport at their positions.

Some of these athletes may be considered dominant in the US, but when it comes to worldwide your answer may come on the soccer pitch. The man ruling the soccer world, Lionel Messi, has been regarded as one of the best soccer players ever and is breaking records. I have two problems when it comes to comparing him to Silva though. The first one is that there still are many people who believe Cristiano Ronaldo, not Messi, is the best player in the game. When there’s still pretty heavy debate, I don’t think you can be considered dominant. The other problem is that Messi plays on one of the best soccer teams in the world, and can rely on a team where Silva plays in a one man sport.

The one man sport comparison brings me to my last athlete, Floyd Mayweather. While people may believe Manny Pacqiao is better, he did just lose recently and Mayweather is a perfect 43-0 in his career. The problem with Mayweather though, is that the competition in his sport isn’t that great and the one man that could give him a shot is one that he won’t face.

There are plenty of great athlete’s in today’s sports world. Many of these athletes are dominant in their own right and a pleasure to watch. When it comes to being the most dominant athlete in all of sports though, that crown goes to Anderson Silva.